How to find the rent-controlled apartment of your dreams [Link to Resource]

Example of a rent-controlled apartment building
Dingbats like these are abundant in Santa Monica’s inventory of rent-controlled apartments. Photo by Sirinya Matute.

Check out our latest addition to our Moving to Santa Monica series: Part 4, Finding a Rent Controlled Apartment. 

I share some of quasi well-kept secrets about combing through Santa Monica’s rent control housing inventory too, along with a handy-dandy spreadsheet treasure trove of companies which manage such housing stock in Santa Monica.

SaMoNext Reader Guide to Finding Rent Controlled Apartments

This resource seeks to cover the less obvious tactics for finding a rent-controlled apartment, and will get better over time with your help. What did we overlook? Do you have anything to add? Would you like to share your experience finding housing in this town? I’d love to hear from you in through the comments. You can also contact Next’s editor, Jason Islas, via email at jason at with your input.

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