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Whack-a-mole housing policy

This article first appeared on The Healthy City Local.When in the summer of 2017 the Santa Monica City...

Santa Monica, Westside Political Leaders Disagree on “Go Zone” Congestion Pricing Proposal

The big headline from yesterday's news roundup was a new study released by the Southern California Association of Governments that found a...

Supporting our Hotel Workers is a Winning Strategy for Everyone

"Hotel workers, community members, and City Councilmembers rally in front of City Hall last night to call for swift action to...

Raising Wilshire: The difference good transit geography makes for my car-lite family

This essay was originally published on Raising Wilshire in February 2019.Sirinya's family waits for the Big Blue...

Better Mobility For Seniors? TNCs and the Santa Monica MODE and GoMonrovia Programs

Older adults are mobility challenged. More than 20 percent of those 65 and older, according to a Rand study, do not or no...