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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Frederick Zimmerman

Dr. Frederick Zimmerman is an economist and a professor of Public Health at UCLA. Since 2008, he has lived in Santa Monica, and he bikes to and from UCLA, sometimes on Wilshire. Zimmerman also has a particular interest in how economic structure—including poverty and inequality—influence population health. He also blogs about finding public health in unexpected places at http://uclacha.org/blog

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Who Needs A Border Wall When We Have Exclusionary Zoning?

As we watch our brave politicians compromise to build a ‘barrier’ in lieu of a border wall, it’s a good time to...

Santa Monica’s In-Street Scooter Corrals Becoming a National Model

(This story first appeared on Streetsblog Los Angeles)Last week Santa Monica's City Manager Rick Cole tweeted a photo of the city's newly installed first in-street e-scooter...

To the Polls…

Tomorrow is the end of another long election season. I think it was roughly four hundred ninety seven days ago that candidates could "pull...

Santa Monica Next Releases Endorsement Matrix for Local Ballot Propositions

Data on endorsements compiled from press releases or organization websites. The SMArT endorsement is based on their column in the Santa Monica Mirror.

L.A. Moves on Funding for Bridge Housing, Kuehl Leads on Decriminalizing Homelessness

Following last week's contentious public meeting on the proposed bridge housing project in Venice, the city, county, and state pushed out some softer news...