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Memo to City Council: It’s a start

Note: This story first appeared on The Healthy City Local. After years of creating procedural and other obstacles...

New realities and housing policy in Santa Monica

The following article first appeared on The Healthy City Local. Wednesday night there will be a joint meeting of...

Santa Monica Extends Pioneering E-Scooter Pilot Program

Earlier this week, the Santa Monica City Council approved extending the city's initial 16-month e-scooter program through May 2020.

More drivers, fewer parkers: Parking in Downtown Santa Monica is more abundant than ever...

While Santa Monica is as bustling as ever -- just ask the 8.7 million visitors the City hosted in 2017 -- the downtown parking...

Gruber: Filling the Workers Rights Vacuum

(Note: This story first appeared on the Healthy City Local. Two Thousand Nineteen seems remarkable for the number of...