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News about local politics in Santa Monica.

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Santa Monica’s Assembly Rep. Wants California to Have a State Dinosaur

State Assemblymember Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) thinks it's about time California got an official dinosaur. Bloom, who sat on the Santa Monica City Council from...
Example of a rent-controlled apartment building

Santa Monica City Council Officially Adopts Comprehensive Seismic Retrofit Ordinance

Via city of Santa Monica press release. Read more Santa Monica Next coverage of this ordinance here. On Tuesday, March 28, the Santa Monica City...

Eternal Meadow at Santa Monica’s Woodlawn Cemetery Offers Greener Burial Options

Above the surface, cemeteries are serene expanses of green, with plenty of trees and flowers. Below ground, however, America’s cemeteries are environmental disasters. Buried...

Santa Monica’s Main Street on Track to Get Parklets This July

In November 2015, the Santa Monica City Council voted to approve plans for parklets at three locations on Main Street. According to a recent...

City of Santa Monica Wants Input on How to Improve the North Beach Trail

Via city of Santa Monica press release. The long awaited project to improve walking and biking along Santa Monica Beach is now underway. The North...
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