Video: Meet the Taos of DK Donuts

Mayly and Sean Tao may have inherited DK Donuts from their parents, who opened the restaurant in 1981, but they are dedicated to seeing this popular Santa Monica eatery stay open for decades more. This is our first video in what we believe will be an ongoing series about businesses owned by young Santa Monicans. – DN

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  • Sirinya Matute says:


    This is wonderful and you did a really great job. I love the music, I love the candor, the b-roll footage of the donut shop (I appreciate the hard work), and learning how the Taos have managed to keep their original shop (donuts) relevant and updated for the 2010s. I’m also glad you got some customers to go on camera too. We made it to Chomp last week. It was delicious. We got to talk to Sean. He’s so cool.

    I wish them, and Sean’s girlfriend, the best and lots of luck for success with the new restaurant.

    Do you have any neighborhood-serving businesses you like that are owned or managed by younger Santa Monicans that we should profile?

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