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Join the #treehugSaMo Photo Contest Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Tree Hugging Day in Santa Monica. Thanks to the efforts of Jerry Peace Activist Rubin, Santa Monicans have had a chance to officially hug a tree once a year since 2009.

There are several problems with this picture. a) It’s in Mar Vista b) that’s more of a snuggle than a hug c) Santa Monica Staff and Board are not eligible in any SMN contest.

While Santa Monica Next is not strictly an environmentalist news website, we’re up to have a little fun every now and again so we’re going to join in the fun with the first annual Tree Hugging Day Photo Contest.

Here’s how it works. Take a picture of yourself hugging a tree or get a friend to take a picture for you…preferably somewhere in Santa Monica. If we get more than five submissions, we’ll pick the top five and let readers select the winner from our top finishers. The winner will receive a Streetsblog L.A. messenger bag and a choice of two Streetsblog/Santa Monica Next t-shirts, and a “golden spoke card” allowing special access at Santa Monica Next events.

You can get pictures to us by tweeting with #treehugSaMo, tagging us in a post on Facebook or posting a link in the comments section below. By submitting a picture, you give us the right to republish it in other posts about Tree Hugging Day but retain all other rights. The deadline for submissions is midnight on Friday morning.

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