CityTV, Santa Monica’s award-winning public access television station, is making it easy for you to hear from each of the candidates running for local office.

CityTV — working with the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica — recorded a series of five one-minute videos on a range of topics, including transportation and development, with the 14 City Council candidates. CityTV also talked to the candidates for College Board, School Board, and Rent Control Board.

What’s more, the videos are available on CityTV’s Youtube channel for the curious denizen. While the candidate videos are available at, we thought we’d put the list with links to the videos below. And, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to register to vote before the October 20 deadline.

City Council

Sue Himmelrich
Jerry Rubin
Pam O’Connor
Terence Later
Frank Gruber
Phil Brock
Nick Boles
Whitney Scott Bain
Zoe Muntaner
Kevin McKeown
Richard McKinnon
Jon Mann
Michael Feinstein
Jennifer Kennedy

SMC Board of Trustees

Barry Snell
Maria Loya
Louise Jaffe
Nancy Greenstein
Andrew Walzer
Dennis Frisch

School Board

Laurie Lieberman
Dhun May
Ralph Mechur
Oscar de la Torre
Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein
Craig Foster
Patty Finer

Rent Control Board

Nicole Phillis (video not available)
Steven Duron
Todd Flora

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