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Santa Monica City Council Candidates Talk about Their Records on Bikes

July 4, 2008. This is one of my favorite bike pictures, and one I use every year on our July 4 post. Photo: ## Thompson##

A City rendering of the MANGo project. The MANGo project is just one of many in Santa Monica designed to create safer, shared streets.
A City rendering of the MANGo project. The MANGo project, designed in collaboration with the city’s residents, local advocates, planners, commissioners, and Council members, is just one of many projects in Santa Monica designed to create safer, shared streets.

Last week, the California Bicycle Coalition — the state’s leading bicycle advocacy organization — announced that it had made a rare endorsement in a local race, backing Santa Monica Mayor Pam O’Connor’s reelection bid to the City Council.

CalBike officials said that the organization decided to back O’Connor because her two-decade-long record promoting regional sustainability and active transportation was “exceptional.” And, with this election set to be a hotly-contested one, CalBike decided to take the unusual step of throwing its support behind a candidate for local office.

We acknowledge, however, that in the race to sit on the Santa Monica City Council, there are multiple candidates with solid records promoting biking in the city, if not the region.

With that in mind, we decided to give the candidates all a chance to tell us about their track records helping to make the streets safer and more comfortable for people on bikes in 250 words or less.

The candidates have until Monday afternoon to submit their responses after which time we will publish them here — in the order received — Tuesday morning (10/14) unedited and without comment, unless a response is longer than 250 words.

We look forward to hearing from all the candidates about their work supporting safe and comfortable cycling in Santa Monica and beyond.

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