Vancouver Modacity

Don’t forget that this Sunday is your chance to learn about all the exciting goings-on in Vancouver around the emerging bike culture there.

Join us at 5 p.m. at 1640 5th Street in Downtown Santa Monica for food, drinks, and a glimpse into Vancouver’s multimodal future.

Santa Monica Next and Santa Monica Spoke are hosting Modacity’s Melissa and Chris Bruntlett, who are in town for the New Urbanism Film Festival. The Vancouver residents will tell the inspiring story of their city’s transformation into a multi-modal urban environment via words, images, and films.

They will also share ideas and lessons Angelenos and Santa Monicans can use to help build a bike culture worth bragging to the world about.

Their presentation will include a selection of the Vancouver Cycle Chic films – produced by Chris – which intimately profile a number of Vancouverites who cycle for transportation, demonstrating that riding a bike is a way to be “a part of the city, not apart from the city.”

Come early for a special presentation by Santa Monica city officials about Breeze Bike Share — scheduled to launch in full next month — and an update on the city’s award-winning bike action plan.

Melissa and Chris Bruntlett gave their presentation Thursday night in Los Angeles for a special event with Los Angeles Streetsblog. Damien Newton, SBLA and SMN’s publisher, live-tweeted the event if you want a preview of some of the things we’ll be touching on Sunday.

Santa Monica’s bike action plan has been in effect for more than three years now and we’ve already begun seeing major shifts in how people get around town, the most recent of which is the coming Breeze Bike Share system. So, the lessons we can take away from Vancouver will likely be different than the lessons L.A. can take away, but it sounds like we could still learn a thing or two.

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