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What’s the Difference Between Breeze Bike Share and Metro Bike Share?

Via the city of Santa Monica website.

Via city of Santa Monica

Starting on September 7, you may notice Metro Bike Share bikes in Santa Monica and neighboring Venice. Metro is locating Metro Bike Share Stations at 13 locations in Venice and at two of their Expo Line stops: 17th Street/SMC and Downtown Santa Monica. Santa Monica Breeze Bike Share will continue to provide great service, with 500 bikes conveniently located at more than 88 hubs in Santa Monica and Venice, including all three Expo Stations.

We understand this could be confusing for users. Here are tips to ensure you have a great riding experience:

Metro Bikes are not compatible with the Breeze Bike System

Where you can ride and where you can lock

The systems have different fee structures

For more information about Santa Monica’s Breeze Bike Share visit or call (310) 828-2525. For more information about Metro Bike Share visit or call (844) 857-2453.

Anytime you choose to ride a bike over getting in a car it’s a win for Santa Monica. Thank you for riding safely and for being a part of our new model of mobility!

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