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‘Wellbeing 365’ Campaign Highlights Importance of Life-Long Learning in March

The Wellbeing 365 initiative aims to educate Santa Monicans on ways to improve their wellbeing.

Throughout March, Kaiser Permanente has highlighted the importance of life-long learning in maintaining and improving health as part of its “Wellbeing 365: Stress Less & Thrive” initiative in partnership with the city of Santa Monica.

Through the partnership, which launched in September along with the city’s most recent Wellbeing Survey results, Kaiser Permanente and the city produced a series of short videos, in English and in Spanish, that offer tips and advice from many of Kaiser Permanente’s medical professionals on how Santa Monicans can improve wellbeing in the different parts of their lives.

“We should never stop learning,” says Naibe Reynoso, the host of the above video, which was produced as part of the Wellbeing 365 initiative. “Life-long learning in and out of the classroom promotes constant development, personal growth, and challenge.”

According to the city’s wellbeing index, Reynoso notes, one-third of Santa Monica residents don’t take the opportunity to learn a new skill, sport, or language.

“Developing a new skill is also a way to keep our minds sharp, whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument or taking up a new sport,” Doctor Ivan Barrow, Kaiser Permanente’s assistant area medical director of Women’s and Children’s Health Services, says in the video.

“Other forms of mental stimulation, like reading and writing, also give your brain a mental workout. We can also keep our minds active by being social, making new friends, and reconnecting with old friends,” he says.

In the video, Santa Monica College Public Information Officer Grace Singh Smith highlights the fact that the college offers community-oriented classes. The classes, offered through SMC’s community education branch, are for members of the community who may not be able to commit to a whole semester but would like to access the college’s resources, she says.


Disclosure: Kaiser Permanente contributed to Santa Monica Next’s coverage of wellbeing issues in Santa Monica. Kaiser Permanente does not have editorial control over Next’s coverage of this topic or any other topic.

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