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Complaint Filed Against CM Lana Negrete in Possible Bribery Scheme

Santa Monica Councilmember Lana Negrete and political ally Lucian Tudor conspired to bribe members of the Santa Monica Police Department in the days after at least one woman was assaulted at the restaurant Tudor...

Dark Money Group “A Brighter Future” Endorses Four Challengers in School Board Race (Updated)

Endorsements, and mailers that tout those endorsements, are a common place in Santa Monica politics. Local news covers endorsements from political parties such as Santa Monicans for Renters Rights or Santa Monica Forward. Statewide and regional groups such as Streets for All and the Sierra Club blast out endorsement announcements to hundreds or thousands of people on mailing lists. 

Bayside Owners Association’s Quest for Armed Personnel on the Promenade

This is part 2 of a series on Downtown Santa Monica.  Part 3 will look at the close relationship between council members and the Santa Monica Bayside Owners Association. Part 1 can be read,...

Can Santa Monica Residents Represent the City of Santa Monica on the Downtown Board?

A group of property owners who have sought greater influence in the affairs of the organization formed the Santa Monica Bayside Owners’ Association. The group has argued that Santa Monica residents are not downtown stakeholders because they haven’t invested their money in the downtown, a view supported by Councilmember Phil Brock.

Dear City Council: An Open Letter on Policing in Santa Monica.

Dear City Council: If you had asked my opinion of the Santa Monica Police Department on May 29th, my response would have been very positive. My personal interactions with SMPD have been pleasant and professional....

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