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UC Irvine: Long Beach Ranks No. 1 in Accessibility in SoCal—Because It’s Dense

Photo by Brian Addison. Data and charts courtesy of UCI. This article originally ran on our sister site, Longbeachize. When it comes to contemporary development, “mixed-use” and, especially if the structure is in an urban center, “transit-oriented”...

New Plans Revealed for Gehry-Designed Project in Santa Monica

The team behind a proposed Frank Gehry-designed hotel at Santa Monica Boulevard and Ocean Avenue revealed revised plans Thursday night at a well-attended community meeting. Thursday's meeting was the first public reveal of the new...

Community Voices: YIMBYism and the Cruel Irony of Metropolitan History

The following originally appeared on Streetsblog L.A. It is by David Levitus. Levitus earned his Ph.D. at USC with a focus on the history of cities, policy, and politics in the United States. At NYU, he majored...

Last-Minute Changes to Downtown Community Plan Affordability Requirements Could Hurt Housing Goals

With the final decision about the Downtown Community Plan, which will govern changes to the downtown through 2030, scheduled for next Tuesday, housing advocates are concerned that some last-minute changes to the plan’s affordable...

Why Housing Matters

Editor's Note: This is the first of a seven part series by Steven Chaparro for Longbeachize, also a publication of Southern California Streets Initiative and Santa Monica Next's sister site. Below is the introduction to Chapparro's in-depth look...

How To Bust A Housing Boom and A Housing Boon

This article originally appeared on Healthy City Local. I’m sure readers are trembling with anticipation after I ended my last post with this cliffhanger: aside from drastically reducing the advantage that residential development in downtown Santa...

League of Women Voters of Santa Monica Hosts Activists, Community Leaders for Homelessness Event

Via League of Women Voters of Santa Monica press release. As part of its “Making Democracy Work” series, the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica will host a free event Saturday, November 18, addressing...
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