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Throwback Thursday: Santa Monica’s Apartment Boom

Today in Santa Monica, there is near-constant talk about the jobs-housing imbalance. The problem, simply put, is that because of decades of minimal growth policies, the city doesn't have enough apartments, condos, or single-family...
Example of a rent-controlled apartment building

How to find the rent-controlled apartment of your dreams

Republished September 13, 2022 To our great happiness we learned that our explainer on how to find a rent controlled apartment remains a frequently-visited page even during the pause in Next's publication. To help aspiring...

Santa Monica City Council Puts Affordable Housing Funding Measure on November Ballot

“One of the things that makes Santa Monica so spectacular is... our economic and social diversity in this town and affordable housing is the only way to preserve it.” - Councilmember Gleam Davis With Santa...

Six Years of Process, and Then… Boom!

This post originally appeared on The Healthy City Local. At the City Council meeting last Tuesday night on Santa Monica’s Downtown Community Plan (DCP) the ironies abounded. As planning staff has told us many times, the...

Citing Impact on Affordable Housing, Nonprofit Housing Association Opposes Residocracy’s L.U.V.E. Initiative

Citing concerns that the anti-development Land Use Voter Empowerment (L.U.V.E.) initiative would only exacerbate Santa Monica’s housing affordability crisis, the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing (SCANPH) voiced their opposition in a letter to...

No LUVE in Santa Monica: The Problem with Real Estate Referenda

The following post was authored and submitted by Bryan Schonfeld, a Ph.D student in Politics at Princeton University. Last week, the United Kingdom voted, via referendum, to leave the European Union, harming its economy and much...

CA Legislature Passes Cap & Trade Bill; Questions Remain

This post originally appeared on Streetsblog California. In case you hadn’t heard, last night the California legislature passed a legislative package to extend the state’s cap-and-trade system until 2030. It’s a landmark victory for proponents and...
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