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Tell Us Your Favorite Santa Monica Next Story of 2015!

With only about 10 days left in 2015, we thought we'd ask our readers to tell us what their favorite Santa Monica Next stories of the last year have been. Maybe you particularly liked one of our Throwback...

Throwback Thursday: Santa Monica Bike Week Edition

It's bike week, so we thought we would celebrate with a special edition of Throwback Thursday. It turns out Santa Monica has had bicycles in its DNA from the very beginning. All clips from the...

What Would Arcadia Do?

This post originally appeared on The Healthy City Local. Let me begin my further ruminations and fulminations on the Downtown Community Plan (DCP) with a quibble, namely the failure to include in the DCP’s historical background...

Housers, United By LUVE

This article originally ran on The Healthy City Local. The proponents of LUVE know that they have a problem politically with the housing issue. In their statements and writings in support, they deny that LUVE...

Throwback Thursday: The Gambling Ships of Santa Monica

Santa Monica in the early 1930s was many things, but a sleepy beach town it wasn't. The bayside city was a major industrial center where Douglas Aircraft Company (later known as McDonnell Douglas) manufactured the famous...

Santa Monica to Re-Dedicate Landmarked Anti-Nuclear Sculpture on June 26

"Chain Reaction," the anti-nuclear sculpture by the late Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Paul Conrad, will be re-dedicated on June 26 to mark the culmination of rehab work and the installation of a new "peace garden"...

Santa Monica’s Longest-Sitting City Council Member Won’t Seek Reelection

Putting an end to months of speculation, City Councilmember Bob Holbrook announced yesterday that he would not seek a seventh term on the Santa Monica City Council. Many close observers of local politics expected that...

Throwback Thursday: When Santa Monica Pier Was Home to the “Acme of Dance Palaces”

Tonight is the inaugural performance of the 2015 Twilight Concert series at the Santa Monica Pier. Every year, the concerts draw thousands to the iconic destination to hear music and mingle with friends amidst the...

Searching Through Downtown Santa Monica’s Past for a Glimpse of its Future

The oldest building in Santa Monica sits in the heart of the city’s downtown. The squat and unassuming brick structure, sandwiched between a youth hostel and an Italian restaurant, doesn’t look like much. But more...

Throwback Thursday: Riding Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus Circa 1960

https://youtu.be/Oril-NKqvUQ Fans of Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus and local history should both enjoy this short film featuring both. The film showcases a day in the life of a bus driver, George Staley, as he drives his...

Throwback Thursday: Here Comes the Train

The train's a-comin'! Expo testing is scheduled to extend all the way to 4th Street today, marking the first time a passenger train has been west of Lincoln Boulevard in decades. It won't be long...

When The Sky Isn’t Falling

This article was originally published on The Healthy City Local. I’ve been mulling over an article I read in the Daily Press a couple of weeks ago. The article was about how the owner of Cars...
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