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That Time Santa Monica Banned Dancing

We wish this was a throwback Thursday post, but believe it or not, this is not a rule from some bygone era when cities were dominated by moralistic, draconian laws. It is something Santa Monica is actually...

Op/Ed: On MANGo, Staff and the Council Need to Believe Their Own Eyes

Let's believe our own eyes Know we've come to the end All our patience is gone Let's admit we intend To believe our own eyes It might seem an odd way to begin a discussion of the Michigan Avenue...

Santa Monica’s Open Data Portal Ushers in New Era of Transparency at City Hall

How many times were the police called to your neighborhood last month? How much does the City charge for a construction permit? Where are Santa Monica's free CityWiFi hotspots? How much do your public...

Expo Rail Is On Its Way To Santa Monica, Expected 2016

Our sister site Streetsblog Los Angeles has coverage of yesterday's press event celebrating the Metro Expo Line nearing completion. Expo Phase II construction is over 90 percent completed, and, if all goes as planned,...

Featured Event: The Clover Park Creative Community Engagement Project

I know James Rojas pretty well. I first met him over six years ago, when I first moved to Los Angeles in his old office at Metro's headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. Since then,...

Santa Monica Next/Streetsblog L.A. Fundraiser This Sunday!

Or, you can RSVP on Facebook. If you donated more than $35 on the Santa Monica Next KickStarter, all you have to do is show up.

FlyAway Buses Coming to Santa Monica

Traveling between LAX and Santa Monica without a car is about to get a whole lot easier. LAX officials announced last week that starting July 15, the FlyAway bus will begin shuttling passengers directly...

Santa Monica Council To Discuss Bike Share Tonight

With how busy this weekend has been with the Pop-Up MANGo event, the Streetsblog Los Angeles and Santa Monica Next fundraising event, I didn't get a chance to put together a lengthy analysis of...

Mayor O’Connor Talks Transportation Apps, Tech Companies

With the rising popularity of transportation apps such as Uber and Lyft and alternative lodging sites akin to Airbnb comes a challenge for cities: to regulate or not to regulate? Mayor Pam O’Connor joined...

Salon: Heal the Bay’s App Lets You Track Healthy Beaches

(This is the first entrant in our Salon where we asked Santa Monica residences and institutions for their "favorite app" to help navigate the city. Heal the Bay's Beach Report Card Ap can be...

Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus Opens First Stops with Real-Time Arrival Information

It has been a long time coming, but Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus finally opened its first stops with real-time bus arrival information Thursday evening. The first two of what Big Blue Bus (BBB) officials...

Wednesday Poll: AirBnB

The Santa Monica City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to regulate sites like AirBnB. The new ordinance strengthens the city's prohibition against short term rentals -- when a whole unit is rented out for less...

Featured Event: California Climate Change Exchange Kick-Off Forum

Among the many organizations that make Santa Monica such a receptive area for sustainable discourse, a new group called California Climate Change Exchange is launching with the specific purpose of making people more aware...

Are You Ready for RideAmigos’ First Commuter Challenge, Santa Monica?

Can you trade your drive to work for a bike ride or a bus ride? How about carpooling with coworkers? Santa Monica-based startup RideAmigos wants to know if you are up to the challenge. Santa Monica...

Featured Event: Tongva Park Community Celebration

For much of the past year or so, the area across from the Santa Monica city hall has been one giant construction site with fences partially obscuring the public's view of the seven-acre space....
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